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Individual Match Stats for S)o(L{snarf [ID=15]

Match/Player Information
Match Date Wed, Nov 23 2022, 10:49:09 PM Server Omnip)o(tentS 2.0 Onslaught
Game Type Onslaught Admin Name )o( Admins
Map Name ONS-MinusTankMeUp-Kamek-V10 Admin Email http://forum.omnipotents.com
Global Stats Disabled Game Speed 100%
Match Limit 2 Score / 4 minutes No. Players 12
Difficulty Masterful Translocator Disabled
Map Voting Enabled Kick Voting Enabled
Full Ammo Disabled Health for Kills Disabled
Camper Alarm Disabled Super Weapons Enabled
Pickups Enabled Adrenaline Enabled
Balance Teams Enabled Players Balance Enabled
Friendly Fire 0% Link Setup Default
Netspeed 10000 Avg. Ping 0 ms
Mutators AntiTCCFinal, ONSDefaultMut, UAdminMod, UTComp, BadgerFix, SnarfVehiclePack, Zound, mutTeamBalance, OLGameStats, UAMGameRules, UTComp_GameRules, UTComp_ONSGameRules, EvenMatchRules, ONSSpecialPowerLinkUpdater

Match Summary
Rank Frags Kills Deaths Suicides Efficiency Avg. FPH Avg. TTL Time Sprees
10 0 0 0 0 0.0% 0.0 0m 00s 0m 00s 0 0 0 0 0 0

Special Events
Category Value Category Value Category Value Category Value
First Blood No Double Kills 0 Multi Kills 0 Mega Kills 0
Ultra Kills 0 Monster Kills 0 Ludicrous Kills 0 Holy Shit Kills 0

Combos Used
Speed 0 Booster 0 Invisible 0 Berzerk 0

Weapon Specific Information
Weapon Frags Primary Kills Secondary Kills Deaths From Deaths Holding Suicides Eff.
No Weapon Kills or Deaths

Type Suicides
No Suicides

Player Specific Kills and Deaths
Opponent Kills Deaths Efficiency Opponent Kills Deaths Efficiency

No Killing Sprees

Total Items Picked Up By Type
Item Type No. Item Type No. Item Type. No.
There Were No Pickups Used

Connection Log
Time Status
-0m 48s Connected
-0m 26s Disconnected
0m 00s Match Start
20m 05s Match Ended