Server/Forum Rules

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Server/Forum Rules

Post by omniadmin »

If you do not agree with the following rules, do not use our servers.

Our servers and forums are privately owned and operated. Playing on our servers is therefore a privilege. And as such, you may, at any time, be partially or utterly stripped from it with or without any prior warning by one of our server administrators. For a list of our server administrators, please refer to our Roster page.

Here is a list of things you should not do if you do not want to end up punished :
  • Cheating : If you are found cheating, do not expect any mercy from us. Publicly sharing hacks/cheats is not welcome here.
  • Disrupting gameplay : Teamkilling, exploiting map design flaws, sabotaging vehicles, messing with map voting or any other server/forum function... People enjoy playing on our servers, so do not ruin their fun or we will come for you!
  • Impersonating : )o( is the ADMIN only tag. If you are wearing it on our servers while you are not an Admin, you will be punished. If we find out you are impersonating a player who plays regularly on our servers, expect to be somehow punished as well. If you are a legacy OmnipotentS clan member who is not an admin please change the tag. (or at least let the admins know who you are..)
  • Offensive language/name : We do not host swear-free servers, so if you are offended by a simple 'fuck you', you should grow a thicker skin. However, being gratuitously offensive/abusive to somebody in particular or to a group of persons because of their ethnicity, religious affilation, sexual orientation will get you in trouble. Any slurs, intimidation etc will result in a ban, with or without warning.
  • Abusive language and attitude directed toward )o( Admins while doing their Admin duties will NOT be tolerated. For example, you might be pissed that an Admin just killed you..its fine to call them a "Cocksucker" or a "Douche", however, if that Admin is warning you about a violation, or asking to to play, then abusive attitude will be punished. Being an Admin is a thankless job, lets all just have fun. Please pay attention to Admins, especially if its an Admin message in the middle of the screen
  • Spamming : Whether it is VoIP chat or the console (ie: text chat, map votes, kick votes...), do not flood it.
  • Team switching : Stay on the team the server decided to put you on. Period. We do not care whether you do not like the color of the team you are on or a friend you want to play with is on the other team. This includes when the server or admin switches you..suck it up and help your new team. This includes trying to work the system, by leaving/spectating to force an imbalance so that a new join to gets switched and then rejoining the team, waiting to deliberately join a strong team after initial balancing. This also includes switching teams, no matter how well intentioned, to try to balance -- its hard to moderate so we keep it simple. Stay/Play on the team the server decides to put you on. Period. Admins may switch as needed to balance teams, but that's admin's only.
  • Excessive Sandbagging : Maybe your team sucks, or is getting its ass kicked...please continue to try your best even if you know its a lost cause. Deliberate sandbagging, especially if you're well known player you might get a consequence. The only exception is OT winding down, but in the middle of the round play hard or go spectate/take a break if you aren't going to play
  • Spawn killing (players or vehicles): While a normal part of ONS to some extent, consistently doing this will earn you a timeout. Definition of "consistent" shall be at the discretion of an admin. The occasionaly "drive-by" or going after vehicles hiding in the core (missle tank) is fair game, sabotaging power vehicles like the Mino is generally fair game. But if all you do is're going to get a timeout. If you're unsure about this, think: Will other players call me a dick?
  • Our game servers are not the right place to discuss of our rules, extensive map complaints, politics or generally any drawn out bitching. If you have any questions or comments, either post them in the approrpriate forum, where you can post paragraphs to your heart's content or PM an Admin on here.
  • Zounds are in use. your audio may be recorded for server use, and for the amusement of all. If you don't want your recording used, contact the admins and we will happily remove them.
  • Advertising/recruiting : Advertisement or recruitment of clans without prior permission is strictly forbidden. This rule does not apply to OmnipotentS and it's friends/affiliates. You can find a list of our friends on our homepage.
The above list is NOT exhaustive. We cannot afford to set up a list of every single offense that might occur on our grounds. That is why, when entering our servers, we expect you to have a minimum of courtesy, decency, and common sense. That is also the reason why offenses are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We pick our server administrators carefully, but they are humans too, they can make mistakes. If you think the punishment you got was not deserved, or if you have a problem with one of our server administrators in particular, take it up privately with him/her first.

The following punishments may be issued on all our Unreal Tournament 2004 servers:
  • Mute : You cannot use the text chat.
  • Vomit : You are stripped from all of your weapons, and you cannot grab any until you die.
  • Slay : You are killed instantly.
  • Freeze : You cannot move or shoot. Anybody can kill you, even teammates.
  • Llama : All your chat is replaced by Pffft! or Bleeet! or Ooorgle!
  • Slap : If you are in a vehicle, you are ejected out of it, you lose 25 health points and you are moved in a random direction on a rather long distance.
  • Score reset : Your score is set to 0.
The above are used as warnings that you are being a dick.
The below are used when you've ignored the warnings and continue to be a dick and maybe an asshole.
  • Kick : You are removed from the game. You may rejoin the server right away.
  • Session kick/ban : You are removed from the server for the remainder of the match.
  • Ban : You are removed from the match and cannot rejoin the server until the ban is lifted.
Should you need it, the Pffft!/Bleeet!/Ooorgle! and Server Bans forum is here for punishment appeals, really only needed for Bans. If you were kicked, you can join back up, hopefully a little wiser for the wear.
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Re: Server/Forum Rules

Post by pooty »


Many players have expressed the wish that our admin be a bit more forgiving. As Omin Admins we agree.
So going forward same rules still apply. Most simple offenses will get warning, then either SLAP, SLAY or similar.

We recognize there might be different play styles and encourage all to first and foremost enjoy themselves....and help your team as best you can. If the rest players feel someone isn't contributing than the player kick vote can decide if they stay or go, us admins don't really want to kick anyone, much less someone who might be new, or trying a new strategy. This makes the game in our opinion much more fun for all, including admins.

However, if there's blatant egregious behavior, admins will warn in game. there will be clear warning and then a kick, however we are going to refrain from threatening a kick. Meaning if the player's behavior is so bad (team sabotaging) or really bad (slurs, etc). then a kick may come without warning, but we expect this to be a very rare event.

If anyone feels the need, feel free to PM me or other admins on here for clarification.
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