)o( logoFounded March 25th 2004, Omnip)o(tentS is a clan of skilled and mature gamers. The clan is about comradery and fun, not about being "l33t". We host numerous game servers as well as forums in an effort to create a friendly, enjoyable enviroment. We focus on providing the best custom maps and game-types all on servers that emphasize good sportsmanship and clean language.

)o( Friends

CR      h-townmadness

cnfo      hoclan

psk      viper servers


      damnation nation

      Elite Gamers


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Gaming is by individual choice.

Omnip)o(tentS is not responsible for faulty ammo, self induced suicides by rocket explosions, unsecurely strapped armor, or overdosing on Adrenaline pills. Rapid tapping of keys over long periods of time can produce a condition known as Carpal Tunnel. Omnip)o(tentS is not responsible for medical bills related to such discomforts or ailments. Nor are we responsible for medical bills related to punching monitors.

Gaming with the Omnip)o(tentS may cause one or more of the following side effects...
Headaches, uncontrolled rage, sore back, stiff fingers, sore throat (from screaming into your mic), secretary spread, a lack of appetite, loss of sleep, weak muscles due to a lack of movement, frustration, big head mode, ego boost, a severe drop in self confidence due to continually feeling )o(wned, feeling like you just )o(wned the )o( clan, and more.

And please, don't drink and frag. The game character's life you save, may be your own.

Message paid for by the Church of Latter Day Frags.